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BT Total Broadband:
Want fast, reliable, wireless broadband? Whether you've already got a phone line with us, or need to order one, you can get one of our great packages. Compare options below, or click on a tab for more information.†

Broadband usage explained:
Usage refers to the amount of data that you are allowed to use on your internet per month. For instance one email is around 4 KB of data. We've just doubled our BT Total Broadband Option 2 usage to 40GB – enough to download over 10,000 music files or 117 hours of iPlayer every month.

Broadband speed test:
With BT Total Broadband, we always give you the best broadband speed possible on your line at no extra cost. For even faster download speeds of up to 40Mb, watch out for BT Infinity which we're launching across the UK.
Use the broadband checker on the right to carry out a broadband speed check – click the relevant tab and enter your details.

BT Mobile Broadband
  • Whether you're on the train, in town or almost anywhere in the UK, with the help of a BT Mobile Broadband dongle you'll always get mobile Internet broadband..

Broadband Anywhere
  • Unlimited wireless broadband at home, unlimited mobile wireless broadband through the BT ToGo mobile phone

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Smart Phones
  • BT Total Broadband Anywhere now comes with the latest smart phones, such as the award winning HTC Desire, included with our Anywhere 600 calling plan.