BT Vision
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Digital TV on demand:
BT Vision is on-demand digital TV for BT Total Broadband customers, with thousands of shows to watch on demand, including sports TV, kids' TV, music videos, films and more – all ad-free and ready to start the second you press play, so you set your own TV schedule.

BT Vision Value Packs:
Offer ends 03/01/11. Free Vision+ box for new BT Vision customers only (existing BT Vision customers that re-contract to a Vision Value Pack are not eligible). Vision+ box normally costs £45 unless service is ceased in first year, otherwise £199. Value Pack costs from £7.50 a month for 3 months then £14.99 a month (requires BT Total Broadband or BT Infinity with a fast-enough line, Freeview coverage, Hub, an adapter for Mac – fees apply for additional on-demand content). 12 month minimum term. BT line required (currently from £9.49 a month with current Line Rental saver offer – see below/above for details). BT Home Hub included if you are a new or re-contracting BT Total Broadband / BT Infinity customer (excludes customers BT has already provided with this Hub). New customers pay a £4.99 p&p charge. Subject to availability. Terms, exclusions and conditions apply.

BT Mobile Broadband
  • Whether you're on the train, in town or almost anywhere in the UK, with the help of a BT Mobile Broadband dongle you'll always get mobile Internet broadband..

Broadband Anywhere
  • Unlimited wireless broadband at home, unlimited mobile wireless broadband through the BT ToGo mobile phone

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Smart Phones
  • BT Total Broadband Anywhere now comes with the latest smart phones, such as the award winning HTC Desire, included with our Anywhere 600 calling plan.