Cardone Banking
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A Banking Facility with no credit checks!
Cardonebanking is a unique banking facility that's open to everyone, irrespective of your current situation or past credit history. There are no credit checks!
We'll help you manage your money so you can keep track of your payments or standing orders. Even if you can't pay an item, we won't charge you a bounced payment fee, but we will let you know in good time. We'll ensure all your bills are paid on time and even give you a Prepaid MasterCard® so you can keep control of your day to day spending. With cardONEbanking no credit checks and no account opening fee
cardONEbanking is a secure banking facility that's hassle free. You won't be charged bounced payment fees or incur any overdraft fees.
We'll give you peace of mind that all your regular outgoings are taken care of by our Account Management Team.

What you'll get:
• Sort code and account number
• Prepaid MasterCard® Card
• Online account access

Online Banking:
An online banking facility also makes monitoring your account easier. You can view balances, check transaction history and print statements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cash ISA Saver:
Make the most of your tax-free savings allowance with easy access to your savings when you need them. Open an account online in just a few clicks..

Personal details
  • We may use your personal details in order to conduct identity checks as required by law as a measure to prevent money laundering.

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Money Laundering
  • We are required by law to review transactions and report any which may be suspected of being related to money laundering activities.

  • We will not provide your details to third parties such as merchants that accept payment using the cardonebanking prepaid MasterCard®