Directline Car Insurance
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Passing your driving test and Pass Plus is a great achievement and you should be proud of it. We offer a 5% introductory discount to new drivers that buy a car insurance policy with us within the first year of passing their driving and Pass Plus tests. This means that you must have held a full licence including the Pass Plus course for less that 1 year to qualify for the discount. Please refer to our frequently asked questions for more information.

Already a Direct Line Home or Business Insurance customer? You’ll be pleased to know that we’ll give you up to 10% off when you buy a car insurance policy with us.
If more than one discount applies the discounts will be deducted consecutively from your individual premium.

Become a Direct Line car insurance customer and we’ll give you up to 25% off our highest levels of UK breakdown cover.

Motorway safety
  • If possible, try to stop near an emergency phone – this will be free of charge and will connect you with the police immediately

Driving alone
  • The biggest fear when driving alone is breaking down and being stranded in an isolated or unfamiliar place

Beat breakdown
  • According to government reports, there are 33.8 million drivers in the UK and over a million of them break down on the motorway every year

Enjoy the trip
  • For some drivers, getting from A to B can be daunting if you’re not sure about the directions you should take.