EDF Energy
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EDF Energy Networks What causes power outages:
While we do every thing we can to ensure your electricity supply is never interrupted, there is still a chance that you might experience a power outage.
We can't be sure why a power outage has happened until we carry out a thorough investigation. But common causes include:
* accidents
* acts of nature
* voltage dips and short power cuts
Sometimes we need to switch the power off to do planned work on our network. In a power cut, customers should call one of our freephone emergency numbers. We will give you a best estimate of how long it will take to get your power back on. You'll have several options when you call. This includes messages with up to date information for your area, or speaking to one of emergency service call takers.

Safety & Emergencies:
We all depend on electricity, but it needs to be treated with respect. So with your wellbeing in mind, we’ve compiled useful guidelines on how to understand and avoid any risks.

As well as safety advice for your home and workplace, you’ll also find guidance on what to do in case of emergencies and power cuts. You can also access safety information aimed at the more vulnerable members of your community, including children, the elderly and people with special needs.

Eco Friendly:
Save energy, save money. Our eco-friendly and energy efficient products are designed to benefit your pocket as well as the environment.

  • EDF Energy no longer operates the networks covering London, South East and East of England.

Energy generation
  • With the recent addition of British Energy, we’re now proud to be Britain’s largest electricity generator, and we’re committed to lower carbon energy production.

Energy for your business
  • Energy is more challenging than ever, we strive to make it simpler to understand, buy, administer and save. We're certain our approach will save you time, money and energy.

Energy for your home
  • We know it’s not easy being green. We’re working to make it easier for you to save today and save tomorrow.