HSBC Bank Account
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The essentials:
• Make the most of your savings with Regular Saver
• Sleep easy knowing you're supported by Identity Theft Assistance, which includes one free online credit report per year
• If you're on the move, keep tabs on your balance and transactions with Mobile Banking
• Manage your money with free 24/7 Internet Banking, pay bills and make payments securely.
• Telephone and branch banking are also available
• Overdraft facility with a rate of 19.9% EAR variable (subject to status). Find out more about our Fair Fees Policy.
• Free HSBC Bank Debit Card to pay for goods and services at home and abroad.
• Get up to £50 cashback at various UK outlets when you pay with your free HSBC Bank Debit Card
• Monthly statements (or Go Green to save paper and view your statements online)

Moving your account to HSBC:
Moving your bank account to HSBC is easy. We have a guaranteed hassle-free account switching service which includes automatic transfer of Direct Debits to your new account and much more.

HSBC green account:
You can apply for a Green Account with Current Account, Bank Account, Bank Account Pay Monthly, HSBC Advance, HSBC Premier and Student Bank Account.

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