National Friendly 50+ Life Plan
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No medical. No health questions. No fuss:
* Premiums are fixed for life
* When you reach 90 years old you stop paying but your cover continues
* Hold the policy for 10 years or more and if you are admitted to a nursing home for long-term care you stop paying but your cover continues.

Important things to remember:
* Your estate may receive less than you have paid in
* Inflation may, over time, reduce the value of the plan
* If you stop paying your premiums your life cover will end
* The plan has no cash in value
* If you die within the 1st 12 months the plan will only pay out a refund of any premiums paid.

Because you care – plan ahead & protect your loved ones:
Help relieve your family from the financial burden when you’ve gone. Plan ahead with the National Friendly 50+ Life Plan; an easy way to leave your family a cash lump sum.
* No medical required / no health questions
* Guaranteed acceptance for UK residents aged 50-79
* Premiums are paid monthly starting at £10 a month
* Guaranteed payout after only 12 months

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