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HD Voice:
This is the future, and it's right here, first on Orange.

Crystal clear HD Voice calls are what the mobile world's been waiting for...and they're here first on Orange.

HD Voice technology is truly revolutionary, making phone calls a better, more natural experience, taking any strain out of listening and making yourself heard.

In the street or at the station, or wherever you are, it’s easier to have conversations in noisy environments because HD Voice makes it easier to hear and be heard. HD Voice phones also reduce background noise too. And making HD Voice calls doesn’t cost a penny more…

But don’t take our word for it, listen for yourself.

Pay Monthly
  • Dolphin HTC Desire Z (Black)
    tariff 300 mins Unlimited texts
    500MB internet data
    24 month
    price £25 per month

Pay as you go
  • Orange Dolphin £25 - 24 Months
    offer; Unlimited calls to your Magic Numbers Anytime internet browsing (500MB).
    Price: £25.00 per month

Sim Only
  • FREE
    200 mins Unlimited texts
    1 Month Orange Network
  • £15 per month

  • contract
    length 1 month
    5p per MB
    capped at £40 per month £39.00y £5m

Pay As You Go:
great packages for our customers
With our new pay as you go animal packages, you get great rewards every month, just for topping up. So for example you can get free texts or free calls - just choose the package that suits you best.

But that's just the start, there's lots more reasons why it's great to be with Orange pay as you go.

Orange Mobile Broadband:
Whether you're at home or on the move, Orange mobile WiFi provides a wireless bubble of internet using 3G. Connect your WiFi-enabled gadgets, including laptops, MP3 players, tablets or digicams, and enjoy surfing the web.