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Switch to our certified green energy deal and help the environment:

Sign up to our Simply Green gas and electricity offer and we’ll automatically donate £10.50 (incl. VAT) to the Green Energy Trust each year that you take the Simply Green product. This independent charity supports renewable energy projects in the UK.
Not only that, we guarantee to match the amount of electricity you use with the purchase of an equivalent amount of electricity from a renewable wind source that’s independently certified and meets Ofgem’s Green Supply Guidelines.
You’ll also receive a free copy of our Green magazine twice a year, so you can learn more about the projects your donation is helping to support.

Capped price energy:
Enjoy the best of both worlds with a Capped Price product that guarantees your prices but also has the potential to fall. Prices are capped until December 2012.

Platinum fixed:
Our Platinum Fixed Energy January 2014 Offer gives you the security of fixed energy prices and HomeComfort Standard Care for your boiler until January 2014

Web Shop
  • Our Online energy shop has all you need to help save you money on your energy bill.

Business Energy
  • You may also be surprised by how much we could save you with your energy costs, get a quote today.

Green Energy
  • For 11 years the Green Energy Trust has been awarding funds to help community based renewable energy projects get off the ground.

Green technology
  • The UK Energy Market is changing shape with the Government’s drive for reduced carbon emissions & increased renewable energy.