Sky Broadband
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Sky makes switching simple:
Switching to Sky Broadband and Talk is easy and hassle-free. Whether you're switching from a cable or broadband provider, you can order your services in one simple process.

Take Sky Broadband, Talk & Line Rental together:
Experience the best of Sky with a Sky TV, Broadband, Talk and Line Rental bundle. Our Sky Broadband products give you great download speeds, and you'll also save £5 a month when you take Sky Broadband with any Sky Talk calls package. Plus, Sky Talk Line Rental is cheaper than BT's standard monthly price, and you'll get just one simple bill for all your home phone charges.

30 day Broadband and Talk Satisfaction Guarantee:
You can cancel your Sky Broadband and Talk services at any time within the first 30 days of all your services being activated. You'll receive a pro-rata refund for any subscription you've paid but not any set-up charges or non-inclusive call charges. Your statutory rights are not affected. Guarantee does not apply to Sky TV or existing customers changing their current packages. Guarantee available to customers ordering Sky Broadband and/or Talk up until 30 November 2010.

Broadband Unlimited
  •  Up to 20Mb download speeds # Unlimited monthly usage - ideal for downloading movies and programmes on Sky Anytime+  Up to 1.3Mb upload speeds
Broadband Connect
  • fast broadband with our Sky Broadband Connect package, for just £17 a month.

  • Up to 8Mb download speeds Download photographs and video clips even faster

  • Don't forget, all of our Sky Broadband options also come with these great broadband extras: