Sky TV
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Sky Multiroom:
Currently £10 pm. Provides the same Sky TV channels as your main Sky TV subscription on a box in another room. You must subscribe to Sky TV throughout and an extra box is required for each Multiroom subscription. Each box you have must be connected to the same fixed telephone line at all times. To receive your HD subscription channels in another room, you'll need another Sky+HD box and HD Pack subscription.

Online Upgrade offer:
We will credit £5 to your account if you upgrade to the Sky Sports Pack or Sky Movies Pack online or via Sky Active. We will credit £10 to your account if you upgrade to the Sky Sports Pack and Sky Movies Pack online or via Sky Active. Credit will be made to your Sky digital account within 60 days of the new Pack being enabled on your viewing card. This is not available in conjunction with any other offer.

¹12 months BT line rental offer available for £113.88 with upfront payment in advance. Line rental from BT costs £12.79 pm for customers who pay by direct debit and receive paper billing. Sky Talk customers can request paper billing at no extra cost. Discounted line rental available from BT for single upfront payment per annum. Sky Talk is only available to Sky digital subscribers paying by Direct Debit/continuous credit card mandate. Calls only packages not available to BT line rental customers with BT Basics or if outgoing calls are barred. Compatible BT line required for Sky Talk line rental. Codes of Practice for sales and marketing and premium rate/NTS services can be found at

Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Available on many programmes. Compatible home cinema system required.

Sky Anytime+
  • Wireless self set-up £60 per box. Wired self set up available without charge if customer supplies own cable

Standard Sky box
  • Standard set-up is £60 for existing customers. You do not have to subscribe to Sky TV to get a free box, standard set-up £120.

Sky Talk
  • Customers with a Sky+HD box without the HD Pack will only be able to access limited Sky Anytime content. Available programming depends on your Sky TV/HD subscription.