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Pay Monthly Plans:
To join T-Mobile’s SIM Only or pay monthly plans, you'll have to pass its standard credit check. If you choose a pay monthly plan you'll have to promise to stay with T-Mobile for 18 or 24 months. If you choose a 12 month SIM Only plan, you'll have to promise to stay with T-Mobile for 12 months. If you choose a 30 day SIM Only plan and decide to upgrade or cancel your plan, you'll need to give 30 days notice to T-Mobile by phone.

Unlimited text with T-Mobile PAYG:
Connect a new SIM card (either with or without a phone, but excluding a new International SIM card) to T-Mobile pay as you go by 31st January 2011 and you'll automatically be opted into T-Mobile’s Monthly Text Reward. Successfully top up £10 in a calendar month and you will be given unlimited free texts to use during the following month. T-Mobile will send you a text to let you know you've earned the reward.

SIM Only 12 month:
To join T-Mobile’s SIM only 12 month plan you'll have to promise to stay with T-Mobile for 12 months and pass their standard credit check. Your monthly payment is for your inclusive minutes and texts from the UK to the customers of UK mobile networks and numbers starting with 01, 02 & 03 at any time.

Pay Monthly
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Pay as you go
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Sim Only
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Free Sim
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