Virgin Broadband
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Which one’s for me?:
If you’re not in a fibre optic area, you can get our brilliant, speedy National broadband service down your phone line.

Our promise to you:
With National broadband, you’ll get the fastest speed we can give you, up to 20Mb. Unlike other broadband providers, there’s no paying more to go faster. And there’s no BT line needed either!

Get free stuff:
Because at Virgin Media we do things differently, you get bags of handy freebies too:
* Online storage and backup
* Up to 100 photo prints a month
* Virgin Media Security for as long as you’re with us * Wireless modem and router

Backup & Storage
  • No one likes losing things. That's why we've come up with a service that lets you back up the most precious stuff you store on your computer.

Virgin Media Security
  • All our broadband packages come with free top-of-the-range security,

Virgin Broadband
  • High-speed broadband and mobile broadband from Virgin Media. With speeds of ...

Unlimited downloads
  • We think you deserve more. So no matter which of our fibre optic broadband packages you chose,