Virgin Money Life Insurance
We offer all information about Virgin Money Life Insurance as we are one of the major online resources for Virgin Money Life Insurance related deals. Compare all available online deals and you will find us best place for your Virgin Money Life Insurance needs. We do have strong feedback from our customers who have tested our services and refer us to others. We have wide range of offerings from various categories like digital TV, Internet Broadband, Mobile Phones, Energy, Credit Cards, Flights and Insurance.

You’ve got the flexibility to change your cover:
Your life insurance will be flexible enough to meet your changing needs, allowing you to increase or reduce the amount and length of your cover. Please note your premiums may change if you do this and increases will be subject to your health, job, pastimes and family history at the time.

Special events option:
With level life cover, you can take out extra cover when you get married, register a civil partnership, have a child or adopt a child, without giving any extra information about your health, job or lifestyle (subject to certain limits and only available if you're under age 50 and in good health - option can be exercised up to age 55).

You can arrange to have your payments waived:
For just a little extra, you can arrange to have your payments waived if you're unable to work for more than 6 months because of illness or injury. This means your cover will carry on if you can't pay the premiums for a time (subject to certain criteria and only available if you arrange cover over the phone).

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